A short moment of togetherness !

So, it was like two weeks ago that my sister mentioned about going to snorkeling by weekend with her friends and herself, and I thought it will be pretty to snorkel in other island than Bali (it is pretty too, but many people go there and here, not many people know it) and also because it is still very old style-traditional as it haven’t been promoted for public (or international) as a tourist attractions. So I said that I will join her for it, it was 2 days and 1 night travel.

So, the plan is like this: 1. Meet up by 10 PM, picked up by the driver; 2. On the way to Madura (over night in car/mini-bus); 3. Arrive and wake up around dawn time; 4. Change clothing and prepared to get on the boat; 5. Get on the boat for about 2.5 hours depends on the weather situation to Gili Labak Island; 6. Arrive, eat breakfast and rest/free time for about 1-1.5 hours; 7. Snorkeling time for about 1-2 hours (’till 12PM); 8. Lunch time (local food) for about an hour; 9. Time to get changed and toilet for about an hour; 10. Back to Madura Island and back to Surabaya

It all cost IDR 250.000,- so long I remember, the food cost is an additional cost.

What really happen is: First of all, the mini bus or car is not come by the time promised, so we wait like an hour for it; Second, it is hard to sleep on the car, it is kinda hot and not really comfortable; 4. It was crowded at the place as many people who plan to go to the island, went there for the safety suit and for resting before the scheduled time; 5. It was 2.5 hours travel and it was so rough that many people vomit on the boat, luckily it was mentioned at the rest area, so we have prepared for the plastic bag so we won’t vomit on the boat and the sea; 6. Arrived, there is no private place to rest, it is all public place so we can’t act recklessly. We have to watch on our own items, lucky we have a guide along with us, so he watch our belongings for us; 6. You can go around the island and take pictures, it is pretty!; 7. It was hard for me and my sis to go snorkeling as we are not even good with swimming and we are worry to be getting drown, though we wore safety suit, the sea water is especially very salty, I drunk a whole mouthful of sea water at once and it is hurting my throat; 8. Better be prepared if you are a picky eater especially in seafood/fish, might as well prepare some instant food or processed food; 9. Better change to dry clothes so that you won’t get sick; 10. Get a good rest for the day is recommended,

I was and am a homebody and it was a rough time I had to travel there, it was worth it, the scenery is so pretty and we all loving it, but then as me and my sister is not that good at swimming, it wasn’t really pleasurable. She didn’t even get to see underwater for the corals, whatever, and because of my incompetency, I also can’t help her regarding that. I feel sorry, anyway, I will learn again and help her in the future when we do snorkeling again.

In the other hand, talking about the tourism of the island itself, it is still very ethnic, you can feel that as in food and accommodation. You can feel the local feels. It was called something XXX tourism, I forget what that is called, I think it was ethnic tourism(?) .

Anyway again, we enjoyed it, though I am not close, I don’t even know her friends, but it works out anyway. Go Gili Labak Island Tourism!