So this is how it is, my fam and I were suppose to see my cousin’s daughter as she have been sick for 2 straight days. We went to the hospital by 9 or something as all of us works and it need time to went to the hospital.
It is quite known hospital but here is some thing I really don’t like about it. It might sounds bad but this is my opinion, this is what I feel, this is a democratic country and I have any right to express my opinion wasn’t it?

I were really pissed off when the security guy told me that one of us can’t go in because it is over the limit written by the front lady, by that actually my dad have come in and the remaining of us ask so we can go in.
I was like “fuck, fine I will stay behind”. Then I see a lot of people coming in and out, even the delivery guy came in and there is nothing he should do beforehand, while us, we have to make an excuse so that we can come in as it is already sleeping time (who the heck sleeps by 9pm?!).
When I were staying, I found that the place itself have a lots of mosquitoes, (what kind of hospital that will make you become sick by getting bitten by mosquitoes) just  dark, the air was hot and the aircon were not well distributed.

The front office were loud, the chairs are not comfortable, it will let you tired when you sit normal way, and it wont also wont work when you tried to lying down.

Not long after that, I saw a bunch of people coming in and out, they dont fucking need to fill the form nor get blocked by that guard. Then I saw my other cousin coming in, then they told me to go with them, I didn’t see them filling up the form to ask for request to go in, then I just follow them. Not even a 20 meters, that guard showed up again and tell me to wait by the lobby. I said what is the matter of one more person coming in? I mean, a lot of people comes in and they dont need to state their reason, and got in JUST LIKE THAT, WHILE THEY NEED ME TO DO SO. What is wrong with these guys? It is our first time in this hospital so we probably acted awkward, but then i they are going to do this, they should do it right, do it for all of those people who come in just like that, documentation! Then I wouldn’t complaint.

Their act is SOOOO UNREASONABLE (I mean that they let a lot of people to come in just like that but won’t let me to do so).

They even only open half the door when it is five of us, what the fuck, you have problem with your door?

You let other people! I am friggin just see it with my own eyes and they didn’t ask a thing?! Are they regular? HAH! what da fuck is wrong with you?

Two things I disappointed the most, Security guards and Mosquitoes.