From 5th May onwards, I have been trying out gym for a month. It haven’t end just yet but I have been join some class which I want to share.

It all begins with my aunt saying there is a 200k gym membership for a month and ask me whether I want to join together with her. Before this I have always want to join gym after my 12 days diet meal plan ends but mom never give her consent. Actually I can just apply it myself, but I guess I am a family oriented girl which I always ask for consent for most of the time. This time, because my aunt ask for it and both of us actually work, I got a friend to go with eventhough it’s gonna be late, so its okay.

Back to the topic, first week joining, we tried to do yoga. My aunt have been going to gym for a whole year and loss more than 10 kgs. She loved to join yoga class befote, so she wants to join this fitness yoga class too. I know that wont be easy, but I never guess that would be this hard. I am giving up for yoga.

The next week, we see on the brochure that there is flying yoga. I heard and see before on Korean TV Program and I recall that flying yoga supposed to be so much fun. I can’t believe I am joining the class. It was so hard and we didn’t even get the hammock so for some pro-like movement, we do it on the floor. #feelabandoned the instructor wasnt that nice for a first timer but I guess that is only for me because when we about to join the class, it was already full but another participant was so excited to have few more members to join, about half of hour to fifteen minutes before the class the usual participant have been queuing for the hammock as it is limited. I guess they are having fun with it and they liked the class.

One of a class I liked is zumba. It was a vompilation of dance style. Hiphop, salsa, etc. I like dancing-like exercise more than the one you do slowly but squeezing your muscle-or-maybe-you-should-call-it-fat. Although I am not master the dance, I enjoy them a lot. Another one might be some kind of aerobic. I tried energy aerobic (that was the name I recalled), where the teacher said, begginer should starts with fat burner class than energy aerobic, and that was hard. It actually could be fun if the steps are not too long and or it taugh to new comer more.

Another class is RPM and its kind. First time joining the class, it was hell for my buttocs, it hurts. Second time was the same unless itnwas a bit better. Thris class is the best! I now know why it hurts. It was a bit too high (the pedal and the seat). RPM is a cycling class, indoor one of course, for you who don’t know.

Till this point, we havent tried the 2 time session with the instructor. It comes with the packages but we want to make it to the fuklest so we still pushing to do it as we still enjoy the classes.

They are so many more class in but due to time concern, many of them was not possible to try unless it is holiday.

Currently, that is what I do and I like now, I might liking the class I used to hate and probably happen otherwise. Bu one thing for sure is that exercise makes me feel healthier and more diligent. Fatigue from the still-not-used-to-it-muscles are there but the one from stress not really there. It supposed to slowly change your mind to be a healthier one, but I guess I still haven’t get the feel just yet. But, waking up very early (which s not really my thing) becomes possible after this.

Thanks for reading! Wish you guys also have a fun time, gym can kill time, also you might find more friends in the same interest (you know those muscle guys, they got close fast with each other especially when they shared their secret of their sixpack, or chest muscle, or arm and soulder muscle). Usually the one who have quite a muscle will share how to exercise to be muscular to a guy whom eager to be so.

Aunties are a lot, some of them looks hard to talk with, but many of them are open to talk with. I am open too, if youwant to talk to me. Just dont be awkward, or dont be suspicious. LOL, kidding. I will set my mind to “open minded” one so come and talk to me.