My eyes are SUPER happy from my last recent holiday. Usually when going to vacation, people are too busy to check on the view, their own family so they don’t get lost, hotel, transportation, places to go, blablabla

During the last vacation, we go to our usual place, Genting High Land in Malaysia. Many people have come to there to having their vacation, most of them are Indonesian, Chinese (probably from China and Taiwan, I have no idea who are from where), some Indian, no Japanese seen, one Korean guy (looks like he is in business travel), others probably Singaporean and Malaysian.

I found myself relaxed a lot there, as if it is my home, walk around here and there. While in a holiday, I suddenly remembered that movie about someone travelling and she met a guy whom also travel alone, they fall in love blablabla~ at least that is what I remembered it. It’s been a long time ago so I am not too sure.

After remembering those scenes, what would normal people be? look around. yes. LOL. Hell yea, that’s what I do. Some people that looks attractive are not always very handsome, but someone who’s really good at their job is also attractive in my eyes. That definitely caught my attention. And there is a lot, there. HAHAHAHA I am being so honest right now. lol.

Anyway, that is what happen, call back those travel and love movie are inspiring, refreshing, and makes your heart beating for it, butterflies, imagination, thought, whatever is so much interesting and lovely!

Can’t wait for the next travel !