Yesterday might be too hard for me that today I dreamt of something that makes me very very happy. 

My family and I went to concert, but due to something I arrive late. We are at Philiphine that time.

As soon as the stadium (more like school event hall) opened, it have hundreds pf chairs with Big Bang performing in the stage. No security, no cameras, they have fun with two local dancers whom they do a simple collaboration with in each of their songs. 

GD wore loose sleeveless shirt, not much catching accessories, I don’t remeber the rest’s outfit but it was definitely not stage outfit, perhaps because it was too hot that time. Even me who only sits there drenched in sweats. 

The local mc also fun. Big Bang also sung some Indonesian song. I (omg I’m so stupid) can’t remember one Indonesian song that they sung. It was a very famous song sung by a female. GD starts off the performance and it stopped, and played again from the beginning. 

They even get down from stage once and I got my hand to be shaken by him. 

Not long after enjoying the performance, I was wake. So sad, but feel good as I can remember some part. 

I wish I have a happy day too today