I’m gonna share a true story here. I’m too timid to use Indonesian, so I will use English instead.

Chapter One

It was a crowded bazaar, Satnite maybeq.. when I first saw him. He is walking with few of his friend and just like that, I fall for him. I don’t even know a single thing about him but one thing for sure, I already like him…

My actual ideal type of guy physically kind of different with him. I like one whom are tall around 170+cm, white, looks neat, looks extraordinary that makes other girls and even guys turn around when he walk pass them. Somewhat stylish but not only “copy” the trend, instead follow or even lead the trend. Physically build but not very shown, vein could be seen from his arm. Serious type and also fun to be with. Not awkward. That’s the overall of how my ideal guy are.

But this guy, not quite tall, maybe about 168 cm in height. He is just in right height. Not quite white, I do quite care about this, white-skin people shown their unspoken-mysterious-charm for me (this might sounds racist, so sorry). I also not into old-styled haircut. He seems playful though been watching his phone quite a time. I think he does look at me but not sure whether it is because of me or my hair color, it’s quite bright.

Not sure were they (he and his friend) talk all night or just sit there, they went home around the time I close the bazaar stand too. I wonder were he wait for me? More likely not.