Coming up with chapter two

The next day (I’m quite in loss of time as I was so busy running in my routine). he comes again with his whole family. I’m just guessing that they are his whole family as there is mum, dad, sister.

Guessing from his appearance, he seems to be younger than me, not too much, maybe one to two years difference. My analysis is on the first day I have seen him, he got back quite late, he shouldn’t be too much younger than me (were youngster these days all got back quite late? I have never spent my night over 7 PM without parents when I was in Junior High).

I think I really think too much of myself, I did feel that his mum were look at me, perhaps-pointing at me when her son was leaning on her whispering something. It could be the food I sell, or it could also be another thing. I think this situation can be explained in one sentence, I am a perfect timid girl.