I was having a really bad day yesterday and today. My body doesn’t feel good, it feels heavy, cold and anxious and I was just seen my Mom posted her holiday on Facebook.

I used to think it’s quite bad for her to be on facebook by night time because she will look at her phone in the dark and she don’t have a good vision already. She isn’t actually a social type, she used to use her smartphone just to call, message only.

As my bad days kept rolling like a snowball, I was kindof bored and look at my phone notification. I see my cousin have birthday today and I congratulated her for that. When I click back to the timeline, I saw my Mum’s post of her holiday to Bali. I am not there, but it’s so cute and lovely  of her to enjoy the holiday after having a month of non-stop cooking-dish washing-ingredients shopping for an event we join in that makes me thought “I’m so glad we have social media here, I’m so glad we have facebook!”

That may sound cliche but it is what I really thought by then.

Anyway, I wish I could cheer up myself and escape from this bad-feeling-snowball