Chapter three

… OH ! I think I forget to mention that he sit in front of my food stand on the first day with his few friends, I think it’s five or six of them together…

cont. from Chapter Two – He sat quite long last time he come with his family, having a good dinner and come back. Best thing about that day was that he comes to buy drinks sold by my next-door-neighbor-shop so I get to see him more closely. I think he did catch a glance at me and so do I, it was exciting. I never know a simple glimpse leaves mark in your mind.

I kept looking at that table, where he and his family having their dinner together. As I takes care of the food stall with my cousin and a sister I know, I tried not to make it too obvious.

The time flies fast, and they are ready to go back. I just look at it from afar.

By the time I went back home, strangely I forget how all of them looked like. Usually a person face could stuck on my mind for long, especially if they have some unique feature, or some sort of story I know. Roughly remember the guy’s face, but not very certain of it. Wasn’t it strange? I feel strange too. Wish I was Doctor Strange, whom have a very strong visual memory.