Chapter Four

I was kind of doubtful today. It was Thursday and I usually goes to Gym because they have Body Combat class I usually join in but it was also the extended week of the bazaar event (luckily it was extended due to heavy rain in the first week of the event). I was heavily contemplating with my self. I suppose to go to my hometown the next week, so I will also not able to join the class. Beside that, I haven’t been able to work out lately as I takes care of the food stall and have been eating quite a meal since my main job got me stressed badly.

I was contemplating till the last second when I ask mum whether it is okay to go to gym, she is hesitating a bit, since everyone also busy and it’s the day my sis got her only holiday from her 6-day-a-week-job, I can’t ask her to helped out. I decided to help out the food stall. Of course in hope I can see him again too.

I went and help out my cousin. Look around here and there. I tried to give delivery services to the customer who ordered so I can walk around #ithinkiamabitcreepy but in the end he didn’t come. It’s bit disappointing but who can know this kind of thing, isn’t it? Maybe Fate said “not now, dear”.