I have not been able to post recently. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t have a free time, I’m just a little not motivated to tell this story anymore as I know the end already.

Chapter Five.

After that Thursday, it comes Friday (of course). I did think I see  him for maybe five minutes (?), idk. for sure it wasn’t a long one. I wonder why he goes here often. Of course people have their own reason (like my family whom was addicted to Timezone and we go there every single day for 4 years-or-more straight spending more money than the price we got. Of course satisfaction part wasn’t calculated, it can’t! We are all so happy!) and reasons might be different from one to another.

He comes with his family again that day. It’s not too far, but it seems like I realize that he’s there quite late. I was busy serving customer, the sales were quite good that day. After a short time they went back home. I was thinking about this and that. I know it will be very hard to met him again (only the fate knows) and I was thinking to give me my contact and he can contact me if he is interested. Like an old cowboy movie in Texas or those areas in USA. I don’t really talk to my friends about things, I do think I’m too far from that social-society things and I don’t quite know how to start with chit-chat. I’m the type that see my goals and say things directly (or a very very short small talk before goes direct), so I usually say what I need to say, talk to my friends when I need them. I’ll do blog about myself  and perhaps you can understand me more. Back to the topic and thus, I have written it in a small note. Figuring out how to give it to him. When I realize, he is ready to back home.

Time to back up.