Chapter Six,

So here is the last chapter of the small story.

He went back home (?) by that Friday and I wonder about the Saturday. I come again, knowing it was the last chance (as one of my best friend have her birthday party by Sunday, I won’t be there) to give the notes to him. Actually it have been crumpled so I write on new one.

I come there, excitedly and nervous too. It was the earliest time I have come to the bazaar (lol). I waited, serve the customer, etc. waited again, have dinner, serve the customer. Until I thought, it was already around 7.30 or 8.30 (I really forget), but the sky has become dark already and I thought that he might not appear as he have come the day before. Small thought like “this weren’t even his home so why he have to come everyday?” makes me felt somewhat warm as it shows how stupid I can be. As I was disheartened, I look at the back side of the stall and I see him passing me just like that. He’s come ! with his friends walking to the stage direction. I was excited thinking he will stay late as he have done before. My worries felt lighter and heavier at the same time, it was lighter because he has come and heavier as how should I send the note.

Wait for the right time to have a break from the stall, it’s kinda late already. I see a group of boys were talking together and I thought he was there. BUT, it turns out he’s not there. Who knows maybe that group of boys also not his group of friends. It’s around 9.15-30 already and I was devastated. Checking multiple times like a pathetic person hoping he was on a short walk and then come back.

Well, that’s actually the end. I still remember he’s wearing white shirt that day. #wtfrukiddingme and tadaa, see you when the fate let me see you~

er, actually I have pushing it a bit. On Sunday, my friend and I was having a dinner and I ask her whether she want to go to the bazaar or not just to walk around, but she didn’t want to (of course she don’t know this story) and we go to an empty-quite-creepy-mall that day.