This morning, I wasn’t have a good one. It’s actually a simple task that I forget to do and if I actually want to push it through, I can. I suppose to call someone down as the guest have came, but I forget because I was having quite a good convo with them, till the boss come and wonder why the other person haven’t came down. Actually that person used to say that let them be before the boss came and I can use that as an excuse.

Actually I was kinda angry and upset. I want to use that excuse card but I know that that is so wrong and it’s just my fault to forget. This might seems childish, but I learnt from it anyway. I was saddened more by the wordings but later covered up by my cute varies of friend. and a video I watch on Facebook today (it was Australian Program where the contestant will stand in a podium and make a fastest guest, their answers are hilarious).

Then, I ask my friend whether she is free today and she is! I actually want to found a good sandals/shoes at malls and we do the hang out. I actually have been dieting for 2 weeks and now is my third weeks and I was tempted by the dinner offer (in Indonesia, unless they said they gonna treat you food, they usually always mean to pay separate bills) and I do it (I have cheat quite a lot these days, omg). We have the not-quite-infamous-hot-and-cheesy-kfc-chicken and I felt like “I should have had the normal one”.

Anyway, after the dinner, we look for the shoes in Matahari, tried some, the size were not fit enough although never ask for the correct size, mainly 399k idr, very expensive for not-quite-well-known-brand-in-my-opinion, so for now is “pass”. Went to cotton on, nothing much of choice (of sandals/shoes I want). Intended to go to Charles & Keith, no person at all (potential customer I mean), get intimidated and not even come in. We then goes to Zara. What I told her was, welcome to a place of inspiration. She’s ignored me and then she found a noble-looking-jacket there and she tried it on, she looks totally different. The price was 1.399.000 idr. I’d say, that is very expensive. I tried some clothes, it does looks good, but I don’t think I have the freedom to purchase any of that for now. I need to save money for future investment.

After we go out and about to head home, she still can’t get over it (it’s cute). She is one of my best friend and when I’m with her, I can totally be myself. I can let myself out. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m being fake to all other people, I was just being polite. That’s conclude my day and my first online diary, I’ll try to keep it up, especially for a day with some kind of special occasion.

It’s late already, good night.