After that long weekend, I thought of it myself. I think I’m too overact.

Maybe I was in the jungle for a while and I only sees familiar faces around me like family and colleague. Maybe it’s once in a while I see someone by-the-face-that-is-my-type. Maybe I was have some sort of delusion? lol, maybe yeah.

But for right now I have recovered (lol, this wasn’t even a sickness) from that. Now I see that simply as a kid-love-thing. Like you know, when a kid want something so badly but when she still can’t, in the end she will just let it go and find another amusing thing that will makes her excited.

Why did I write the story? May be because I don’t have the braveness to tell my fam or friends directly about it? I’m quite timid, you see. In the end, my friends read the story on my first post and she even post in on our group chat. I was shocked at first as usually there is no traffic on my page and no one even bother to. #thisissosad or maybe, because I want the attention? lol. Everyone is attention seeker actually. It’s just how he/she takes it to the level. We all love to be complimented and it gives good feeling, rewarded feeling, or some sort of it.

This is really the end. Gonna post again when I want it. :p