I have just seen something online and I suddenly thought of this bucket list.

When Married:

  • have my friends tell me about me about (in videos):
    • my personalities, the goods and the bads – they have to be blunt!
    • most memorable event they have with me
    • any good traits I should have adapt in the future to be a better person
    • make a promise with me (if wanted)> eg: goes shopping together, get along, etc.
    • congratulation message
    • may be can choose one of above if not possible to do all, but replies only will be done if the friend lists do minimum the first or the second message only.
  • Write a personal request to that, I won’t be the one whom do the video thing, the EO or a willing close friends should do that. I will be writing the request like this: “Hi this is Cindy, I will be having the greatest day of my life by xxx, and to make that day complete, I will need your help. There is no rush nor imposition, read all the things below and decide. In returns, I also want to appreciate your effort too, and I will be sending feedback to them whose do the video for me. I will be very honest and it might takes long, but I wish that could be a memorable experience for us.
  • I will have all that done to all my teachers, school mates, families, summer camp friends, singapore friends, dance club friends, work colleague, and more people I know (in the near future).
  • Might not able to invite everyone, but if they want, they can request a seat, may be for bridal shower or some sort of special event.
  • Let the invitation card be simple, dress code, table, place, RSVP is a must!
  • Bring a name card is a must, drop them, or write their -name, phone number, chat id, ig, address