It was last time I met my friend and I said that I want to get my hair smoothing treatment and she recommend me a place that her family used to go.

It wasn’t a big one, it called “T*nt*n Saloon” I called by Thursday to make an appointment, and I said I will come by 2PM and I did arrived by  the time. It was crowded, people getting make up done (like a whole bunch of family), getting their hair treatment done. I was not quite welcomed and I said I have made appointment by 2 and we have a short talk about the service I wanted to get and the price. She said it is for 500k idr.

I was quite shocked actually because this is quite a small saloon and they charge price almost the price of the saloon I used to go. I was waiting and ask my friend if the price is okay, she said to bargain to the boss. Actually I didn’t see the boss that time, so I thought the one giving me the price is, although it turns out she is not, in the end I failed to negotiate. I see the boss like three times but every time I tried to talk, she is just away, I doubt she know what I want to talk, so I guess it wasn’t intentional.

I come to back off and wait for the result and I wont EVER come back there and NEVER will recommend to anyone else if the result is not good. I waited 30 minutes and then get my hair shampoo-ed, then dried, then waited another 30 more minutes before it getting started (the liquid thing to be applied on my hair).

When it first applied, I already have a bad feeling. It isn’t the first time I have my hair straightened so I know how they usually do it, actually 2-3 hours is impossible (when I call the staff, they said only takes 2-3 hours, same with when I asked personally at the saloon), I used to sit for 6-8 hours straight to get it perfectly done, but I believed in it anyway, as it was to my friends recommendation. The hair wasn’t divided in a good details, so if she parted some hair, and in that hair group, there is a tangled hair, she wouldn’t bother to make that details right. The way they wash my hair wasn’t good, the shampoo smelled melon-milk-candy, the water smells strange, I get sticky feeling although it wasn’t much. When they drying my hair, I don’t know whether it is the humidity or the hair dryer or whatever, it wasn’t satisfying, I didn’t expect a 500k idr cost will be this bad. Perhaps it was the after effect of the hair washing + drying that is not good caused the tangled hair. So she kept continues the apply of the liquid and only let it sit for 15 minutes (I used to let it sit like 30-45 minutes, get it washed, applied the liquid, let it sit again for the same time) then bring me to get it washed, dried, and viola the process is about to come to an end, I was like, “what?”

It’s the time to get it straightened, my friend told me to get it “vibrate” on the inside so it will last longer, I thought it was some kind of method, not for real, and it turns out to be some kind of very small wave and I regret it again.

When she started to “iron” my hair, I already know I am doomed, I kept staring at her to let her know, I’m gonna get angry if the result wasn’t satisfying. Perhaps she know my stares meaning and give her a frighten. When this comes half ways, she actually blabbering about my hair condition wasn’t very good in the first place (in which she should have told me in the first place so I just not doing this in this saloon, I will look for the one who can handle it). I also remember asking for cheaper liquid thing and she said that without the good quality liquid, my hair won’t be success, well now I’m here already with half-failed-looking-hair.

I kept silent every time she talk, showing my disagreement. She look worried and throwing out more excuse. She said that if it was her senior, she wouldn’t even do this (I MEAN, HELLOOO I didn’t force you to do this if YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE TO) and that the other senior always have her way out even if the hair is bad already in the first place (LIKE I CARE, OMG). There is one guy staff too there and he is the one she talk with, I just kept looking at the hair result and wasn’t satisfied. Last time I see the boss when she is about to go out, she said “hmm, it’s good, continue” and I was like, are you blind?

That female staff continued to say that the one I am looking it to make the wave away, I mean, I never said that! “Smoothing means to make it smooth, untangled, flat and falls perfectly down, you don’t know your job don’t you?” is what I want to say in her face. Her excuse is the result from her frighten, worry, un-confident and LACK OF SKILL.

I was sad actually, but perhaps my friend and family see through me and didn’t say anything bad about it. Although I felt bad, there is one of the office worker who kept touching my hair saying it is good. I am sorry, I am not a model, I am not a doll, I am not used to being touched like that without my permission and I am not even looking at you at that time, I was doing my job, so please be considerate!

I ask the staff, how long would this last, she said until the new hair is growing, and I ask again, I mean the hair that is straightened now, she said forever. And I was just, she is stupid or what? This won’t last forever! Learn your thing please! Then I ask the staff when can I was my hair and she said that I can wash my hair after 3 day, so I do that way, and when I dry it, there is no problem, but when I comb it, here it comes the trouble.

My hair getting stuck, kept getting stuck and I pulling it slowly but what I see in the comb is a nightmare. It’s like a scissor cutting your hair and those hair were stuck in that scissor. Yes, the hair is broken and the worst thing is I didn’t felt hurt a single bit. It means that the hair is so damaged that I couldn’t feel it is broken. I was so sad and angered but nothing I can do now unless condition it as effective as possible.

Be strong my hair ! 😦