I was having a late dinner today with my family in Grandmama’s Restaurant during our stay in First World Hotel Malaysia and we encounter a bad service.
First of all, we ordered 3 hakka fried rice, 1 nasi lemak with rendang 1 calamary 1 char kwey tiao.
First of all, nasi lemak comes first then not long after fried rice came too. All of my family member had their food except my grandma (whom ordered char kwey tiao), we all starts eatig thinking her food will come in a minute. 
When our food is half way eaten, I asked the female waiter that I had ordered the food with, she goes to the kitchen and comes out without giving me feedback. Then around 7-10 minutes passed and we asked the male waiter while he is delivering calamary this time. We receive the same response as female waiter before and the situation is, all of us is done with our food (except me, I’m not in the mood since their response was not up to my expectation and my grandma have bad expression already)
I asked again in 7 mins after the last male waiter, this time I asked another female waiter, she go in to the kitchen and didn’t go out for couple of minutes and when she is out, she didn’t intended to go to me and told me what happen and instead walk behind me, Insee that and I stopped her and ask again what happen with my order, she is just hurriedly go her way and reply to me that it was in cooking proceed. 
Like, if it still not in cooking process, they should have a good reason why. I know they are in process but how long again should we wait? Is it 5 minutes or what?
The food taste is actually good, although it’s not good enough that I can receive this kind of treatment. I see two or three other table (includes the one who came and order after me, get their food first (although it wasn’t kwey tiao, but it’s) like fried noodle. Logically, it goes the similar process of cooking, only the ingredients are different, but why they get their food first? 
It’s not that I’m complaining because of a small matter, but feedback to customer is VERY important. Customer won’t ask you if they are willing to wait and they need answer if they asked. And if they already ask you thrice, something must be wrong with you. 
I wish next time I have my food in Grandmama’s Restaurant, I wish the experience will be improved. 

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang