• when we surprised dad on his birthday, mom hold the tart and he wasn’t coming at time time, we wait and when he finally comes in to the house normally, his smile sparks like a sun shined on him. He wasn’t the only one, mum’s did too. It was late at night, we are all tired and sick, but it becomes a good day
  • when the “unnie” on the gym smiled and say hi with your name in it, you are simply happy
  • when your friends whom you are not even very close with you, Mr. E, talk seriously and honestly about you, seriously concerned, you found that warming and thankful
  • when you are not the best friend out there, and he contact you when he is coming to your city, you are happy. You felt the importance of your existence
  • when your sister whom spend more than half of her monthly fortune for your late-birthday gift, you are sooo happy and thankful of her. It’s the greatest feeling ever when she didn’t even concerned about the price. Well, at least she doesn’t show it when we look through the shoes option.
  • when you meet up with your 4-gang-friends and take a whole stupid -snowapp,thank you pictures. You are so delighted and wish the day shouldn’t come to an end.
  • when your mum ask you for a movie date! although there is some hurdles in between, everything works out in the end. love you mum!
  • when you getting excited to chat with that guy, he doesn’t reply much nor fast, but thank you for giving me that experience. and stupid you to ask for meet up, as always, you are spontaneous cindy!
  • when you love your me-time, walking at malls alone, discovering this and that, enjoy it the fullest, think about what you want a lot.