People say, that dreaming something reflects about what you want, or it is things that now is happening and stick to your memory, good memories and bad ones can be the reason too.

But then, what if I dreamt of something that it didn’t cross my mind any single bit? It was yesterday night when I was fall asleep, I dreamt of meeting Taeyang. I was thinking of to get a full dark room so I can sleep soundly before go to bed, but how does it relates with him?

This is what I dream of:

So, it was a long big main road from a blocks of buildings (the buildings looks like in Europe or whatever you can imagine), it was very big until you can feel yourself small. I was walking straight with my sis and my family and I just see Taeyang (@realtaeyang) in front of me. He have a red-pink hair that time, that’s why I can recognize him. Although he tried to cover his face by wearing a cowboy hat, his clothing style is just showing “Hey, I am Taeyang” and just like that I go to the front and ask him to take picture with me. I ask my sis of a iPhone to take selcas, he actually feels abit worried (looks like) but he took the picture for us anyway. And he is sticking his cheeck into mine (in my dream, before I met him, I feel like reading articles about him being very close to fans). I was very happy! But then, other fans starts to recognize him and get in lines to take a pic with him. It’s just like 20 seconds and he is gone. “Yeah, he is celebrity, he is different” that’s what I thought at that moment. When I want to take another pics, he is already far there. Walking backwards.
So, I am over it and think that, it was enough. Don’t bother people too much. So, I just walk by and having a rest in one the middle of the street (there’s chairs and garden there, and you can see the other blocks too. And what I see is Taeyang, again! He is watching people who are performing dance, but now he wear a sleeveless hoodies, standing to the wall. I watch him watching the performance. Somehow, I can feel that he wants to join in, but then don’t want to create a mess because he is he. He decided to just having a walk in his block of road. I jumped out and run towards him. Link his arm with mine. I know this is crazy, but doing it anyway.

Up to now, I got the feel that he, sometimes wants to be normal, I mean, treated just like any other common people. He feels like he can show more but the rest are cheering him anyway which makes him caan’t get the feels. Suspecting that, I talk to him about being with me, might get him chances to be treated normal. First of all, change his hair color.

It’s back to black, I brought him to my (it feels like my house but it is a workplace too, you know dream can play with you or you play with it sometimes) workplace which is like my home already, to get to know people who don’t know him. He is following me there just fine. He learn how to assembly a led bulb from all the raw material until it finished. He gets totally focused on that and even talk with the staff like they were his team mates.

It wasn’t a long sweet dream, because after that, I supposed to go for some errands to do and then I was wake up.

I have dreamt of Seungri and GD, I think-before but not Taeyang. I can’t even imagine to dream of him before. Anyway, it was a good dream, too good to be true. I’ll leave it to that point